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Rucha Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd


Ayurveda, an age old way of life, is an ancient system of medicine that operates in tune with nature. It is a holistic and natural healing technique that believes in treating individual rather than the disease. Based entirely on the premise that individual is but microcosm of the microcosm, the universe, it follows that a complete understanding of not only the mind, body and spirit are in the order but a study of the psychological, dietary, behavioral life style an environmental factors is equally important before any formal treatment can be offered to the individual. The fact that the Ayurveda has no unpleasant side effect definitely helps in the final synthesis. Rucha Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (RPPL) is one of the most authenticated Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company manufacturing and supplying products for haircare, bodycare, skincare, sex power, memory & herbal beauty products. It was established in 1989 to satiate the need of genuineherbal products and herbs.


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5, Sharma Estate, Bh Ramji Mandir, O/s Dariapur Gate, Bardolpura
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